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Popslash Canon Resources

This is a list of popslash canon resources you might find helpful. If you have any other links to suggest, leave a comment and we'll add them to the post.

pop_reference - the best place to ask specific canon questions. (But please, if you do want to post a question, ask someone else to do it for you to preserve sesa anonymity.)

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Beta readers

Now popslash is a smaller place, it can be difficult to find someone to beta-read your story, or provide general help and inspiration. So we're bringing back the old volunteer mentor posts!

If you'd like to provide help for MtYG Santas this year, please post a comment titled HELP OFFERED, with your name and a brief summary of what you feel you can help with and what you feel you can't. Examples for this might be things like grammar, 'N Sync or Backstreet, canon, angst, smut, etc.

Please comment a second time if/when you're fully stocked with Santas, so that people can see at a glance who has space on their dance cards.

Anyone who'd like to volunteer is very welcome, whether they're participating in MTYG or not.

If you would like some help, please reply to a volunteer comment or mail them directly. We won't be assigning beta readers! Alternatively, please leave a comment titled HELP WANTED, and helpfully someone will get in touch.

(Don't forget, if your beta is also a Santa, it would be good to complete your story far enough advance of the deadline so that both stories can be betaed in time.)

Thank you in advance to volunteers, and good luck to all Santas!

You can also check out the beta volunteer post on Dreamwidth.


MtYG Assignments and Dear Santa Letters

Assignments went out last night, so hopefully you all have them, and you're all excited to start writing. If you don't have the mail, please get in touch via Elfmail as soon as possible. You can find the Elfmail interface on the MtYG site.

If you're excitement has a little tinge of apprehension, then you can also take a look on the MtYG site to see if your recipient has left you a Dear Santa letter, giving some extra insight into the kind of story that they'd love.

Dear Santa Letters.

And if you haven't done it yet, you can leave your own Dear Santa letter there. These are completely optional -- the only requirement for the challenge is that you fulfill the request and at least one of the pairings from your assignment email -- but can be very helpful. (The only restriction is that you don't use the Dear Santa letter to try to push your Santa to write one particular pairing,)

Happy writing!

Make the Yuletide Gay signups closing soon!

There's just a couple of days left to sign up for MtYG 2015.

(I'm away from home over the weekend, so assignments won't go out until Sunday evening UK time, or maybe Monday.)

Make the Yuletide Gay 2015

Ahhhh, October. Pumpkins, bonfires, and SPARKLE! Yes, pensnest and I would like to welcome you all to MtYG 2015! We even fixed the date on the site in time this year!

Sign-ups are now open! They will run until 31st October, and assignments will go out soon after. Please spread the word amongst those who have emigrated to Tumblr and other distant and fabled parts of the internet that it's time to log in, sign up, and kick ass write something fabulous for 2015.


MtYG reveal!

(Sorry, I forgot to do this before I went to bed last night!)

Make the Yuletide Gay 2014 Santas' names have now been revealed!

pensnest and I would like to say a great big sparkly thank you to all the Santas, to the beta-readers, to our awesome pinch-hitters and to everyone who sent feedback for the stories. Hopefully we'll see you all back again later in the year for Make the Yuletide Gay 2015.

MtYG access issues & feedback

(Whoops! Apparently I managed to post this in my own LJ instead of here. Fail, mod, fail!)

Apparently people have been having intermittent trouble getting the MtYG site to respond. I'm really sorry for the issues. We've been away from home but we're back now, and the Head Tech Elf has restarted the MtYG software.

We're not 100% sure of the origin of the problem, but things seem to be working right now. If anyone has a problem with the site dropping out again, then please email santa@maketheyuletidegay.org and we'll get onto it ASAP and try to make sure it's fixed for good.

And, as a quick reminder, there are just a couple of days left to send feedback before the Santa names are revealed. Feedback is always much loved, and happy Santas this year means more stories to read next year. Please sign up to donate just £2 a month to help save the endangered popslash Santas feedback a Santa today!

Guess the Author!

In accordance with tradition, we have a chance to guess who wrote which story. Whether you guess according to the content of the story or the format of the section breaks (!), now's your chance!

Guess away!

ETA: I am well impressed by the quality of this year's guesses!

I win!

I got the best story HANDS DOWN. I got the winner. Seriously. It's so awesome. There is Lance (in a suit!) and JC (with glitter!) and Chris (as the office best friend!) and Justin (as the snotty mamma's boy) and I'm sure Joey, but I don't remember at this second, because Bassez!

*throws glitter*

Make the Yuletide Gay 2014 is live!

MtYGay 2014 stories are live!

Thank you to everyone who signed up this year and worked hard to deliver stories for their recipients. Without Santas, there is no SeSa. Once again no one dropped out this year, but we'd still like to thank our awesome pinch-hitters for volunteering. Without you, MtYG would be a far more nervous experience! And thank you to everyone else -- beta-readers, cheerleaders and senders of feedback -- who all do their bit to help us Make the Yuletide Gay.

Remember that even if you aren't a Santa you can still sign up for a reader account, allowing you to send feedback during the anonymous phase. Details can be found in the previous post.

If you spot any problems with the story you posted or received, please contact us ASAP and we'll do our best to fix it.