MtYG sign-up closes Friday

There are only 57 shopping days until Christmas THREE days until the close of sign-ups for MtYG 2014. Don't leave it to the last minute, sign up in a panic, and discover too late that you've mis-clicked and your Letterboys request is now AJ/Joey.

Sign-ups this way!.

Make the Yuletide Gay 2014

Autumn is upon us, and with it the time of sparkle and SeSa panic. pensnest and I would like to welcome you all to MtYG 2014! (Or to 'MtYG %year%' as it says on the web page. Oops.[1])

Sign-ups are now open! They will run until 31st October, and assignments will go out soon after. Please spread the word amongst those who have emigrated to Tumblr and other mysterious foreign parts of the internet that it's time to log in, sign up, and kick ass write something fabulous for 2014.

[1]The Head Tech Elf is away until Saturday evening. It will be fixed when he's back.

'Tis the Season to be Steamy!

An unseasonal post in the MTYG community, because I have an MTYG-related challenge for you! See, I miss popslash during the year, but it still flowers at Christmas time due to the incredible longevity of the SeSa challenge. Therefore, it seems like a cool idea to have a 'hot' challenge to liven up our summer (or, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, our winter).

So, how about signing up to write the steamy sex scene(s) from your MTYG story?

It could be the scene that happened just after the story ended. Or something from the middle that didn't need to be told but would be a very nice out-take. Or something from... six months along, three years later, whatever. You can keep the story going, or provide a good old-fashioned PWP, up to you.

You don't even need to pick up the story from the most recent MTYG. Any story you've written for MTYG is a candidate!

See THIS POST on popsoundboard for more details.

MtYG 2013 Reveal!

Sorry it's a bit late! (Sickly mod is sickly, and completely forgot before she went to bed.) Anyway, the names of the MtYG 2013 authors have now been revealed!

Thanks from us to all the Santas who took part and helped keep SeSa alive. Special thanks to the pinch-hitters, too. For the first time ever, we didn't need your services, but we couldn't do it without you. Thank you also to everyone who sent feedback before the reveal, for giving our Santas the love and appreciation they all richly deserve.

We hope to see you all back again later in the year, for MtYG 2014!

Only three days to the reveal!

The Make the Yuletide Gay 2013 reveal will be on Monday the 6th, which means that you have only three days left to give the festive gift of feedback while the Santas are still anonymous. Feedback numbers have been unusually low this year so far, so if you can find some time to send feedback, it would be very much appreciated.

Hope everyone is having an awesome New Year so far!

MtYG author guessing and recs post!

Welcome to the Make the Yuletide Gay official author guessing post. If you'd like to try to guess the identity of the authors for any of the stories, guess away -- but Santas, please don't confirm or deny until after the reveal.

Remember that even if you aren't a Santa, you can still sign up with a reader account and send feedback through the site while the santas are anonymous. The reveal will be on January 6th (USA, UK, Europe) / January 7th (AUS).

And finally, if you have any rec posts, please post a link from the comm. Or, post the recs themselves!

Make The Yuletide Gay 2013 is live!

Make the Yuletide Gay 2013 stories are now live!

Thank you to everyone who signed up and worked hard to deliver stories for their recipients. Without Santas, there can be no SeSa. While no one, in fact, dropped out this year, we'd still like to give enormous thanks to the pinch-hitters for volunteering. You guys are the safety net that make MtYG possible. And thanks to everyone else, too, the beta-readers, cheerleaders and senders of feedback, who all do their bit to help us Make the Yuletide Gay.

There's a little something extra under the sparkly tree for all of you, again, this year!

Remember that even if you aren't a Santa you can still sign up for a reader account, allowing you to send feedback during the anonymous phase. Details can be found in the last post in the comm.

If you spot any problems with the story you posted or received, please contact us ASAP and we'll do our best to fix it.

Happy holidays from all of us to all of you, and enjoy the stories!

p.s. One person this year has two stories. This is intentional, so no need to mail us to let us know!

MtYG - Reader Accounts etc

Woo-hoo! We're almost there!

The Make the Yuletide Gay 2013 Secret Santa stories will be going live very, very soon! Before they do, here is the annual overview of the feedback system and other general reminders.

Recs, reviews and author guesses

We very much encourage people to share their recs, comments and discussions about the stories via this community. You can either post directly here, or link to posts in your own journal, blog, rec site, etc. If you post here, please cut-tag for spoilers, and don't post flames or extremely negative comments. Thank you!

Author guessing is always encouraged! But please, would authors and betas be careful not to give writer identities away before the reveal.

Reader Accounts

Reader accounts allow anyone who didn't take part in the challenge as a writer to give the gift of feedback while the writers are still anonymous. (Challenge authors can send feedback by logging in with their usual name and password -- there's no need to sign up for a second account.)

Once the stories are live, anyone will be able to get a reader account by going to the Make the Yuletide Gay site and following the link on the front page. There's also a link on each story page.

Please note: in order to use the feedback system, you must provide a valid e-mail address, to allow the authors to reply to feedback after the reveal. Until you have validated your e-mail address by clicking on the link in the sign-up confirmation mail, you will not be able to log in and send feedback.

If you had a reader account last year, or were previously signed up as a Santa, you'll be able to use that account again. You'll need to go through the sign-up process again (using the same username and password), and click on the confirmation link in the sign-up mail to reactivate the account.


Reveal will once again be on the 6th of January.

Pinch-hit sign-ups

A little late this year, it's time to sign up volunteers for the challenging and rewarding job of pinch hitting.

For those of you who are new to SeSas, pinch-hitters are the back-up writers who step in when, for whatever reason, a Santa can't fulfil their assignment. They're the fabulous folks who help us ensure that everyone who takes part in MtYG receives a story.

Unlike regular MtYG authors, pitch-hitting authors will be able to see the request (and pairing) before they commit to writing it.

You don't need to be participating in the current challenge to be a pitch-hit author, but some experience writing popslash is required. You will also need to have some free time around December 18-23, as that's when we anticipate the most need for your help.

If you would like to volunteer to be a back-up author, please elfmail us with the following information:

Pairings you are willing to write (so we can get a rough idea if we've got reasonable coverage)

If you aren't signed up for MtYG this year, but still want to be a pinch-hitter, you can e-mail us at at If you have sighed up to MtYG in previous years, we can reactivate your old account. If you didn't sign up in 2007-2012, we will need to create an account for you, so please also include a password that you don't mind the Admins knowing (please do not use your LJ/DW password or other valuable password.)

Thank you!

MTYG: Submissions Open!

Submissions for Make the Yuletide Gay are now open! Santas can submit a story by going to the main page and following the Submit Your Story link.

There are full instructions on the page, but if anyone has a problem, please get in touch with us via Elfmail. The opening of submissions also means that Dear Santa letters can no longer be created or edited.

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm PST December 20th. Good luck to all the Santas out there!