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Can't Stop the Gaiety

I know this is super late to the game but brandywine28 and I are still going to swap fic for the holidays. If anyone else wanted to write something for the yuletide, please let me know and I can work you in. I'm happy to manage the assignments and stuff, given there aren't going to be a whole lot of us. It likely won't be secret because the group is so small but we still want to rejoice in the gaiety with you if you are so inclined! I can throw a community together if we get more than the two of us wanting to write. IDK I'm not ready to let go yet. . .

If this year isn't for you, please check back with me next October!
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MTYG Memorial time!

(reposted from my personal journal)

I am, it is true, somewhat relieved that I won't have to add the mad dash to finish at least one story by Christmas Eve to the complexity that is my-life-in-the-run-up-to-Christmas this year, but things should be calmed down afterwards.

So, now that MTYG is officially done, I'm thinking it might be nice to do some kind of MTYG Retrospective to while away the few spare hours there may be between Christmas and the New Year, when we won't be reading and sending feedback. (Of course, there's Yuletide, but that is So Damn Big I tend to sit back and wait for recs.)

So I started to think up a few questions, which will remind us of the good times and perhaps the scary times—we've all had them—which we can think about then. Here are my suggestions; do you have any questions you think would be fun to add? I'll re-present them at Christmas so we can have a bit of discussion in MTYG_discuss or in my journal(s), whatever people prefer.

So, the questions so far (sans question marks because eh):

Of all the stories you've written for MTYG
- which is your favourite
- which one are you most proud of
- which did you most enjoy writing
- which caused you the most anguish/SeSa angst/wailing and gnashing of teeth to produce
- which was the best received
- what was the best request/prompt you got
- what was the most terrifying/worst request/prompt (and how did you manage with the story)
- do you have any funny or sad stories about the writing process
- have you ever rewritten any of your MTYG stories, or written a prequel or sequel or any other kind of spinoff?

Of the stories you've received
- which is your favourite, and why

Of the MTYG stories you've read
- which is the funniest
- which is the one that made you OMGWTF the most
- which did you think was the most perfect for the recipient
- which made you think that you were glad you hadn't had that prompt
- did you ever guess the author and get it right? What clued you in?

One more:
- whose feedback gave you the most joy?


I'd kinda like to do a re-read, maybe a year's worth per month for next year? But I don't know if people will be with me on that. Your opinion? Do the words Flogging a Dead Horse come to mind, or might it be fun?
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So Long, And Thanks For All The Trickyfish

Due to a combination of low sign-ups and some technical problems with the MtYG back end, Pen and I have made the (hard) decision that we won't be running MtYG this year, or in the future. The MtYG site will be staying up and will be maintained indefinitely.

We'd like to thank everyone for the amazing run we've had since we first took over the challenge in 2007. First of all, of course, we owe a massive debt to Pet and Georgina, who made Don We Now Our Gay Apparel so great, and so generously allowed us to take over the running of their SeSa. Then to everyone who pitched in to help get MtYG up and running on such short notice that first time, we absolutely couldn't have done it without you. Popslashers are the best.

We'd also like to thank the past mods who helped run MtYG, and everyone over the years who sent feedback for the stories. And finally, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all the magical, wonderful, amazing Santas who have signed up over the years to Make the Yuletide Gay. You are all rock popstars. It's been a blast.

Love to all of you, and have a fantastic holiday season.

NopSeud & Pen
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Make the Yuletide Gay signups open!

Slightly late, we have opened signups for Make the Yuletide Gay 2018. As usual, signups will run until October 31st. (Due to some ongoing technical issues we haven't been able to change the year on the front page or on the age restriction in the rules, yet. Hopefully this will be fixed at the weekend.)

As well as LJ and DW, you can get your MtYG updates and reminders delivered via Tumblr, should you so wish.
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Guess The Author, and other matters

Now that most of you have had a chance to read at least some of the MTYG 2017 stories, let's see if any of us can actually identify the authors. One year, I was identified by my choice of section spacers… For myself, I generally find that even though I have been reading these authors for *years*, I can hardly ever tell who wrote what. So don't be afraid to make a wrong guess—we all do it! Also, bear in mind that there may or may not have been pinch-hits, so if you can't decide which of two stories was written by a particular person, it's *possible* that both were! *cackles evilly* I realise this doesn't actually help.

Let's make this a Guess The Author post. Authors, please don't say yea or nay until The Reveal on 6th January.

Meanwhile, if you have recs or reviews, do post them to this community, or else drop in a link to your own journal. If you post here, please cut-tag for spoilers, and don't post flames or extremely negative comments. Thank you!

If you want to send feedback while the challenge is still anonymous, and have not yet got yourself a Reader Account, please see this post for details of how to go about it. Reader accounts allow anyone who didn't take part in the challenge as a writer to give the gift of feedback while the writers are still anonymous—speaking as a writer, I find this one of the most fun aspects of an anonymous challenge. (Challenge authors can send feedback by logging in with their usual name and password -- there's no need to sign up for a second account.)
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I repeat, we are live....

A bit of last-minute Stuff had to be negotiated, but the stories are live at Make the Yuletide Gay.

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up and worked so hard to deliver stories for their recipients. Without Santas, there can be no SeSa. Enormous thanks to the pinch-hitters for volunteering. You guys are the safety net that make MtYG possible. And thanks to everyone else, too, the beta-readers, cheerleaders and senders of feedback, who all do their bit to help us Make the Yuletide Gay.

So read, enjoy, and don't forget to make some writer's Christmas by sending feedback!

Even if you aren't a Santa you can still sign up for a Reader account, which allows you to send feedback during the anonymous phase—and we all know it's more fun to get feedback while you're still anonymous. Details can be found in this post.

If you spot any problems with the story you posted or received, please contact us ASAP and we'll do our best to fix it.

Happy holidays from all of us to all of you, and enjoy the stories!
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(no subject)

It's looking as though this year may be one of the 'off' years in which we need the help of some wonderful pinch-hitters. Can you sign up for an extra piece of holiday writing this year? You'll need to be a popslasher with some free time next week (18 - 23 December) as that's when the crunch comes.

Perhaps you've already completed, or almost completed, your original assignment? If you are already a Santa this year but can volunteer to be a back-up author, please elfmail the Admins to let us know. Include the pairings you're willing to write, which gives us an idea of whether we have reasonable coverage for the situation.

Perhaps you didn't sign up this year for some reason, but are now missing your yearly fix of SeSa pressure? If you aren't signed up this year but have signed up for MtYG before, we can reactivate your old account. E-mail us at at

If you haven't signed up before and wish you had, you can still participate as a pinch-hitter. We'll need to create an account for you, so e-mail us at at and include the following details:

A password that you don't mind the Admins knowing (please do not use your LJ/DW password or other valuable password.)

Pass the word along! Make the Yuletide Gay!
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MtYG: Pinch-hit sign-ups

Pinch-hitters are the back-up writers who step in when, for whatever reason, a Santa can't fulfil their assignment. They're the fabulous folks who help us ensure that everyone who takes part in MtYG receives a story.

Unlike regular MtYG authors, pitch-hitting authors will be able to see the request (and pairing) before they commit to writing it.

You don't need to be participating in the current challenge to be a pitch-hit author, but some experience writing popslash is required. You will also need to have some free time around December 18-23, as that's when we anticipate the most need for your help.

If you're already a Santa this year and would also like to volunteer to be a back-up author, please elfmail us to let us know. Please include the pairings you are willing to write (so we can get a rough idea if we've got reasonable coverage).

If you aren't signed up for MtYG this year, but still want to be a pinch-hitter, you can e-mail us at at If you signed up to MtYG in previous years, we can reactivate your old account. If you didn't sign up in 2007-2016, we will need to create an account for you, so please also include the following:

A password that you don't mind the Admins knowing (please do not use your LJ/DW password or other valuable password.)

Thank you!