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It's looking as though this year may be one of the 'off' years in which we need the help of some wonderful pinch-hitters. Can you sign up for an extra piece of holiday writing this year? You'll need to be a popslasher with some free time next week (18 - 23 December) as that's when the crunch comes.

Perhaps you've already completed, or almost completed, your original assignment? If you are already a Santa this year but can volunteer to be a back-up author, please elfmail the Admins to let us know. Include the pairings you're willing to write, which gives us an idea of whether we have reasonable coverage for the situation.

Perhaps you didn't sign up this year for some reason, but are now missing your yearly fix of SeSa pressure? If you aren't signed up this year but have signed up for MtYG before, we can reactivate your old account. E-mail us at at santa@maketheyuletidegay.org.

If you haven't signed up before and wish you had, you can still participate as a pinch-hitter. We'll need to create an account for you, so e-mail us at at santa@maketheyuletidegay.org and include the following details:

A password that you don't mind the Admins knowing (please do not use your LJ/DW password or other valuable password.)

Pass the word along! Make the Yuletide Gay!


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Dec. 17th, 2017 01:16 am (UTC)
I'm sorry it's turning out to be an 'off' year!

Every December, I feel bad about not volunteering for pinch hits, but it's really not a good fit for me. I'm way too slow a writer. But if I can do anything else to help, feel free to ask!

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