Pen (pensnest) wrote in mtyg_discuss,

Guess The Author, and other matters

Now that most of you have had a chance to read at least some of the MTYG 2017 stories, let's see if any of us can actually identify the authors. One year, I was identified by my choice of section spacers… For myself, I generally find that even though I have been reading these authors for *years*, I can hardly ever tell who wrote what. So don't be afraid to make a wrong guess—we all do it! Also, bear in mind that there may or may not have been pinch-hits, so if you can't decide which of two stories was written by a particular person, it's *possible* that both were! *cackles evilly* I realise this doesn't actually help.

Let's make this a Guess The Author post. Authors, please don't say yea or nay until The Reveal on 6th January.

Meanwhile, if you have recs or reviews, do post them to this community, or else drop in a link to your own journal. If you post here, please cut-tag for spoilers, and don't post flames or extremely negative comments. Thank you!

If you want to send feedback while the challenge is still anonymous, and have not yet got yourself a Reader Account, please see this post for details of how to go about it. Reader accounts allow anyone who didn't take part in the challenge as a writer to give the gift of feedback while the writers are still anonymous—speaking as a writer, I find this one of the most fun aspects of an anonymous challenge. (Challenge authors can send feedback by logging in with their usual name and password -- there's no need to sign up for a second account.)
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