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MTYG Memorial time!

(reposted from my personal journal)

I am, it is true, somewhat relieved that I won't have to add the mad dash to finish at least one story by Christmas Eve to the complexity that is my-life-in-the-run-up-to-Christmas this year, but things should be calmed down afterwards.

So, now that MTYG is officially done, I'm thinking it might be nice to do some kind of MTYG Retrospective to while away the few spare hours there may be between Christmas and the New Year, when we won't be reading and sending feedback. (Of course, there's Yuletide, but that is So Damn Big I tend to sit back and wait for recs.)

So I started to think up a few questions, which will remind us of the good times and perhaps the scary times—we've all had them—which we can think about then. Here are my suggestions; do you have any questions you think would be fun to add? I'll re-present them at Christmas so we can have a bit of discussion in MTYG_discuss or in my journal(s), whatever people prefer.

So, the questions so far (sans question marks because eh):

Of all the stories you've written for MTYG
- which is your favourite
- which one are you most proud of
- which did you most enjoy writing
- which caused you the most anguish/SeSa angst/wailing and gnashing of teeth to produce
- which was the best received
- what was the best request/prompt you got
- what was the most terrifying/worst request/prompt (and how did you manage with the story)
- do you have any funny or sad stories about the writing process
- have you ever rewritten any of your MTYG stories, or written a prequel or sequel or any other kind of spinoff?

Of the stories you've received
- which is your favourite, and why

Of the MTYG stories you've read
- which is the funniest
- which is the one that made you OMGWTF the most
- which did you think was the most perfect for the recipient
- which made you think that you were glad you hadn't had that prompt
- did you ever guess the author and get it right? What clued you in?

One more:
- whose feedback gave you the most joy?


I'd kinda like to do a re-read, maybe a year's worth per month for next year? But I don't know if people will be with me on that. Your opinion? Do the words Flogging a Dead Horse come to mind, or might it be fun?
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